Paul Assaiante

assaiante_paulAs one of Monica Seles’s Hartford Fox Force team tennis coaches, two-time Olympic Coach-of-the-Year, and “winningest coach in college sports history” (13 consecutive NCAA titles for Trinity Men’s Squash Team), Coach Paul Assaiante understands how to motivate for success.

His core belief is that success comes from embracing “what you fear” in order to remove obstacles that hold someone back. He says “Until you can free yourself from these chains (of fear), success and the joy of the journey cannot be realized.” This was the basis for his highly successful book, “Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear,” and is the backbone of every speech he delivers. He also fully acknowledges and respects the day-to-day drive that success demands – in any arena.

These two points make up the core of how this driven coach has earned success by motivating top athletes from around the world. But it is the fact that Assaiante cares about those players – and his extended team of supporters – that makes everyone want to work their hardest and bring their best every day.

His crowning success has been taking an underdog squash team to achieve a 13-year championship title streak. As head coach of the Trinity College Squash Team (Hartford, Conn.) for the past fifteen years, Coach Assaiante has built a legacy of teamwork, leadership, and success that is unparalleled. As a result of his dedication, Trinity holds the record for the longest winning streak of any college team in any sport in history (252 consecutive match victories and 13 consecutive NCAA National titles).

To accomplish this, Coach Assaiante has rallied multicultural teams into a cohesive group of winners. He has taken the world’s top individual squash players from a wide range of cultural, religious, and even language backgrounds and managed to mold them into a prolific winning machine that also feels like a family—a group that places the success of the team as a whole above all else.

Their triumphs and perseverance against terrible odds and against the nation’s top Ivy League schools has propelled them to the forefront of college sports as legendary players. Although this streak ended in January 2012, the team remains among the top-ranked teams in the NCAA – and is working tirelessly to achieve another record-breaking run.

Every day throughout his coaching career— whether for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, for Monica Seles at the Hartford Fox Force, for the Olympics or U.S. Nation teams – Coach Assaiante has worked to influence and inspire in order to lead a team to success. In his powerful keynote speeches at public forums, to corporate audiences, and to young adults across the country, Assaiante brings his message of achieving lasting success by conquering fears, putting in time, and caring about those around you.