Mariama Richards

richardsMARIAMA RICHARDS, Co-Director of Diversity at Georgetown Day School
Mariama is a DC native who has been an educator for the past 12 years. Majoring in history at Spelman College and Cornell University sparked her interest in social justice issues. After several years in the classroom, including 3 years in D.C. Public Schools, Mariama became the Director of Summerbridge/Breakthrough New Haven in Connecticut. Mariama returned to DC when given the opportunity to direct the diversity efforts at Georgetown Day School. GDS was founded as the first racially diverse school in Washington DC in 1945. Through the Office of Diversity, Mariama and Co-Director Elizabeth Denevi develop and implement multicultural programs and initiatives for grades PreK-12. As a senior administrator of the school, Mariama is an advisor to parents, staff and students throughout the school community on all issues of equity and diversity.