Pomfret School

Coed, day/boarding, grades 9 – PG

Timothy Richards, Headmaster
Steve Davis, Director of Community Relations
Patrick Burke, Director of Faculty Mentoring and Development

Pomfret is a vibrant and welcoming community where a high-caliber and personally invested faculty exemplifies and demands from students a commitment to excellence, supportive spirit, and mutual respect.

Preparation for college and lives of productivity and fulfillment are the foundational components of developing informed and ethical citizens of the world. Pomfret expects teamwork, leadership, positive risk taking, and clear expression (written and verbal) of ideas and perspectives, all while celebrating individuality.

Members of the Pomfret community are lifelong learners. They thrive in a rigorous educational environment where self-discovery and individual transformation happen every day. Faculty and students explore and discover, communicate, and create solutions; they are engaged and engaging.

When new students arrive at Pomfret’s beautiful 500-acre hilltop campus, they bring their potential. Before they leave for college and life adventures, they gain a great deal of self-esteem for what they have accomplished and who they have become. Pomfret considers this its most important point of pride.