Covenant Prep

Boys’ independent day school, grades 5 – 8

Glenn Winfree, Head of School
Jeff Martin, Assistant Head of School
Brittany Anderson, Diversity Director

Since 2008, Covenant Prep has provided young men from underserved communities the foundation required to successfully pursue higher education, to develop the strength of their character and to inspire them to live with integrity as leaders committed to their communities.

Covenant Preparatory students are provided with a rigorous, differentiated curriculum and an engaged faculty in order to fully prepare for success in secondary school.  Students partake in an extended day of core classes supplemented with a foreign language requirement, lab science, music, art and online learning, as well as organized athletics and activities.

Covenant maintains a robust graduate support program where it acts as a liaison between the secondary school and the student, helping the student develop and succeed both academically and socially.  Covenant assists students in the college process from application to graduation.

In addition to a strong mission, as a community, Covenant Preparatory School upholds five core values in everything we do.  Covenant Preparatory School’s Core Values are the following:

Integrity: I will be true to my word, do what is right and always be my best self.

Respect: I will have due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights and traditions of others.

Gratitude: I will be ready to show appreciation and repay kindness.

Motivation: I will strive to do my best at all times and encourage others to do the same.

Community: I will work together with others to achieve shared goals.