Avon Old Farms

Boys’ day/boarding, grades 9 – PG

Jim DeTora, Headmaster
Tim Roller, Diversity Director
Roger Cantello, Dean of Faculty

Welcome to the Avon Old Farms School. We are a dynamic community of learning which challenges boys to stretch themselves and to explore untapped potential in their journey to manhood. Mentored by a dedicated, talented faculty who offer successful models for our students to emulate, Avonians develop the self-confidence to cope with the anxieties of adolescence and to forge the critical foundations of adult identity.

Our School motto: “Aspirando et Perseverando,” effectively communicates our expectations for students; in every aspect of a boy’s life, we expect him to strive consistently for his best. Our core values of honesty, integrity, and service permeate life at Avon and remain with our graduates throughout their lives. Our magnificent campus, with its distinctive Cotswold architecture, accentuates the traditional approach to education which is so successful here.

As a boys’ boarding school, our programs are designed specifically to help young men focus on their development at a time in life when distractions abound. Although numerous opportunities exist for our students to interact with girls from Miss Porter’s, Ethel Walker’s and other nearby schools, boys are free to live and learn in our structured, supportive environment. In an all-boys context, our students embrace scholastic challenges and compete in the athletic arena while feeling safe exploring the arts, experimenting with poetry, expressing school spirit, and just being themselves.

Avon’s academic program is anchored in the liberal arts and we require our students to explore fully the major disciplines in order to prepare for the intellectual rigor of college. The diversity of our student body is impressive, with students from some 30 states and over a dozen foreign countries. The rich array of cultures coexisting within our small community is charged with significant learning opportunities. The rapport that exists between faculty and students is exceptional, and the bonds developed among our students are lasting.