Faculty & Student Events

Students of Color Summit

The Summit was created in recognition of the unique needs and experiences of students of color at predominantly white schools. The Summit provides a collaborative space where students can learn from each other about identity, leadership and activism. It seeks to unite, inspire and empower students of color with the goal of enhancing their overall experience at SPHERE schools.  This interactive one-day conference is entirely student-facilitated and includes interactive activities, group discussions and ‘open mic’ performances.  The Summit is open to students of color in grades 8-12; its location rotates annually among the schools.

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Faculty Professional Development Workshops

One or more professional development workshops are offered annually to faculty from all SPHERE schools. These workshops are designed to help faculty enhance their own cultural competence and their ability to help students grapple with issues of identity, privilege, internalized racism and microaggressions. At times facilitated by the Directors of Diversity in a collaborative effort and at other times by outside consultants, these workshops are offered free of charge to all interested faculty members.

GSA Socials

SPHERE offers two social events for student members of each school’s Gender & Sexuality Alliance along with their faculty advisor. These informal events provide an opportunity for students to connect with peers at other schools through food, entertainment, and discussion of topics related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

Faculty of Color Affinity Socials

These two annual social events were born from an awareness of the challenges of being a faculty member of color among predominantly white colleagues and the unique demands of teaching in an independent school environment. Hosted at various locations both within and outside of the school campuses, these socials are open to all faculty and staff of color and provide an opportunity to network with those facing comparable challenges at other SPHERE schools.